About UXChart

UXChart was inspired and informed by the output of The First Annual University of Texas at Austin Workshop on the Science of UX, convened by Randolph Bias in April 2017. About 25 usability/UX professionals worked together on the problem of how to build a database of usability practice data that could be mined to inform researchers about which usability engineering method to use when.

At the end of the workshop, our team comcluded that the challenges of Randolph's initiative were broad and deep. Success depended on generating the awareness, interest, and active participation of our community of UX/Usability researchers because it would be from them that all data would be input into the system. In order to achieve this, the system must "give" as much as it "asks" — researchers would have to derive benefit from the system before they would be motivated to provide meta level data. There are also the pragmatic issues of terms of use, governance, budget, program administration, and methodology.

The workshop fostered a free and creative exchange of ideas and it was from this that the idea of UXChart began. The following workshop attendees are able to be listed and acknowledged for their thoughtful contribution to the UXChart initiative.

The contributions of workshop participants who are not listed were as great as participants who are able to be listed.

The first evolution of UXChart prioritizes the goal of generating researcher awareness and creating a base of users by fielding a focused set of metrics and a dashboard. During this phase of growing its user base, UXChart's database will grow to have enough data to provide meaningful information across industry verticals and product types. As data accumulate, a governance team will guide the toolset that UXChart provides and will design a project metadata strategy that will enable insights into questions like the one that the workshop originally envisioned.